Buying or Selling a Home in Williamsburg, VA - give me a call, I get res...

Williamsburg Realtor, Charlotte Turner talks real estate and family.

She's been one of the top agents in Williamsburg for over a decade, winning many award along the way and building a successful business with the help of her husband, Tommy.

Charlotte works with the day-to-day client issues, while Tommy utilizes his talent and business acumen to market and analyze future business trends in real estate -- in addition, he is a very prolific professional commercial photographer/videographer and is a licensed commercial drone operator, traveling throughout North Carolina, OBX, Tidewater, Hampton Roads, and the Eastern Shore shooting luxury homes for some pretty prestigious firms.  In addition, Tommy is proficient in 3D modeling and utilizes a number of technologies, including Matterport 3D and Theta 360 among others.

Together the Turners are aformitable power in real estate in the Williamsburg market.

Give Charlotte a call if you are buying or selling a home -- she gets results.

Charlotte Turner

757 784 4317

licensed to practice real estate in Virginia


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